About me

Whilst loving dogs all my life I was never fortunate to have my own until a few years ago when I moved into the village of Mytholmroyd which is in a lovely part of the county, with great open spaces and walks on my doorstep, many dog friendly cafes, pubs and dog owners and walkers.  So the search was on for the right breed of dog for me and my lifestyle.

That’s when I discovered the wonderful Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier breed and after researching the breed and reputable breeders I was fortunate enough to make the shortlist (from over 35 applicants) to get a wonderful puppy, from a great breeder (and now friend) over in Cheshire.

At the end of June 2016 I brought home my wonderful puppy Porter followed 2 years later by his young niece Ellie.  With hard work, patience and support from many professionals, close friends and family I am the proud owner of 2 intelligent, active and loving Wheatens.

Anyone who knows the breed will also appreciate that when it comes to care for their coats Wheatens are quite high maintenance and need quite a lot of brushing and grooming to keep those wonderful wheat coloured locks knot free.

Roll forward 2 years ago when after over 30 years of working for 3 local building societies I took the plunge to set up my own grooming business, with the help of a fantastic training school and City and Guilds qualification Portelli Dog Spa was created.  Enabling me to hang up the train timetable (thank goodness) get my work life balance right, work for myself and be creative.

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