Confidence Builder Sessions

Here at Portelli Dog Spa, we understand that you and your dog may be a little nervous or apprehensive when it comes to grooming sessions, perhaps you’ve had a previous bad experience, or your dog just finds the whole thing too stressful.

Being the owner of a sensitive and nervous dog myself, I understand the challenges a dog grooming session can present which is why I’ve created sessions especially aimed to support our more sensitive pets.  We want to ensure all pets get benefit from their grooming session and we work with them giving time and care to build their enjoyment of the experience.

To ease dogs into this new experience I am offering bite sized sessions to build up confidence and de-sensitise the dog from exposure to the grooming salon, tools, people and treatments.  We’ll take it one step at a time and at a speed that the individual dog (and human) is happy with.

Safety and wellbeing of the dog and humans is our first priority, aiming high the end game is to get both human and dog to the stage that they enjoy coming for a groom or at the minimum they are comfortable and will tolerate the sessions without getting overly stressed.

The sessions will be based around a time allocation and not specific to the treatments, tools and experiences generally undertaken during a full grooming session

Sessions will include, familiarisation with the following;

The salon
Waiting crates
Hydraulic table
Brushing & combing
Dryers & blowers
Washing & drying
Fastening / tethering / muzzles
Nail clipping and feet trimming
Ear cleaning and plucking
Eye cleaning and trimming fringe and face

Cost for each session is based on the length of appointment time

Maximum 30 mins                                           £12.00

Maximum 45 mins                                           £17.00

Maximum 60 mins                                           £20.00

Rules of the sessions

  • Bringing their favorite toy, blanket or treats may help in these sessions
  • For the first few times we will agree whether you should stay at the salon or not
  • Over time easing out gently but again only when we are all comfortable with the progress being made
  • If at any time during the session the dog begins to get overly stressed or aggressive, then I will bring that session to a close but the cost for the session will still be payable in full.
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