Full Spa Experience

Full Spa Experience

In this two hour package, your treasured pet will benefit from a whole range of treatments ensuring they leave the salon in tip top condition, content and stress free.

What’s included in the package:

  • General inspection of the dog’s skin, hair, gums, eyes, ears and feet to help identify their specific grooming needs while helping understand the temperament of the dog on the day
  • An initial brush out of the coat* (to remove any lose dirt and assess for any major knots, grazers, cuts or lumps) which will help indicate the type of shampoo that’s best for the dogs condition before then commencing the wash.
  • Using For All Dog Kind product range so ensuring your dog receives the best quality natural dog products during their treatment and a product appropriate for your dog’s individual needs. **
  • A full hygiene check will be completed, including close shave around the toilet area, nails checked and clipped where needed and any hair removed from their pads
  • Ears will be cleaned and plucked, if needed
  • Eyes cleaned, if needed
  • The dog will then be clipped and scissored to style, the basis of which will be the breed standard, with any adjustments being made clear by the owner when the dog is received into the salon

The cost for this service will be dependent of the size / breed of your dog and the appointment will take 2 hours.

Small from £37

Medium £40

Large £48


Small from £45

Medium £50

Large £55

*If during the initial brush out the coat is considered to be too badly knotty or mattered that I would be unable to remove during the grooming process without causing stress or discomfort to the dog, the potential outcome may mean that the clip has to be done shorter than expected.

In extreme circumstances it may require the coat to be fully clipped off, but this would not be done without speaking to the owner before hand

**Where customers wish to provide their own dog shampoo, this can be accommodated at the Salon’s discretion.  It should be noted that where customer’s own shampoo is used this is at the customer’s own risk and expense with no reduction in cost of grooming made.

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