Puppy Grooming

Start as you mean to go on, all dogs, small or large, young or old deserve and benefit from regular grooming sessions.  What better way to get your new four legged friend accustomed to grooming by building their confidence and tolerance from an early age.

Here at Portelli Dog Spa, up to the age of 2 years we offer a puppy groom which on each visit will increase the puppy’s experience and exposure to the grooming salon, tools, people and treatments. 

At a puppy grooming appointment, as well as the puppy’s learning there is also the opportunity for you as the owner to observe and perhaps gain a few tips on how best to care for your dog at home. Carrying out regular sessions at home, helps you to bond with your dog, gets them use to being touched in sensitive areas, between toes, under the armpits inside ears and other unfamiliar places.

Whilst we always want our puppies to be healthy and happy, regular grooming is also a good way of you getting acquainted with your puppies, structure, weight, lumps and bumps etc which can sometimes be an opportunity to spot early something not being quite right.

Package will include, familiarisation with the;

Waiting crates
Hydraulic table
Brushing & combing
Dryers & blowers
Washing & drying
Fastening / tethering
Nail clipping and feet trimming
Ear cleaning and plucking
Eye cleaning and trimming fringe and face
Teeth cleaning (additional cost)

upto 18 months 18 to 24 months
Size when fully grown  
Small 15 30
Medium 20 35
Large 25 40

Get your grooming habit off to a good start and enhance your puppy’s wellbeing and development from an early age

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