Tender Loving Care for older dogs

Just because your dog is getting old does not mean that they will not benefit from a dog groom

However, the dog’s needs may have changed and its ability to stand for long periods limited.   As a result I am offering a TLC groom, this may include some or all of the list below and we will discuss your dog’s specific needs when you come into the salon

  • Brush out of the dog coat to remove any loose dirt and knots, this will also enable me to assess the grooming needs, overall health and condition of the dog
  • Washing and drying of the coat
    • Using For All Dog Kind product range so ensuring your dog receives the best quality natural dog products during their treatment and a product appropriate for your dog’s individual needs. *
  • Hygiene Pack
    • Inspection and clipping where necessary the nails
    • Checking of the dogs pads, including the removal and trimming of any excessive dirt, stones or hair
    • Close clipping to remove hair around the toilet area
    • Cleaning of eyes
    • Ear plucking and cleaning
  • Clipping or scissoring

Here at Portelli Dog Spa, we take those changing needs of an aging dog into consideration and where advisable we’ll use a belly strap to support your dogs weight so ensuring we remove any unnecessary stress or potential discomfort allowing them to fully benefit from the whole TLC experience

Depending on the individual dog electric clippers may not be appropriate and therefore the dogs hair will be scissored

There will be lots of rest time for your dog throughout the groom

The cost for this service will be dependent of the size of the dog and the appointment will take 2 hours.

Small £37

Medium £40

Large £48

*Where customers wish to provide their own dog shampoo, this can be accommodated at the Salon’s discretion.  It should be noted that where customer’s own shampoo is used this is at the customer’s own risk and expense with no reduction in cost of grooming made.

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